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Pukka Tents offer a 12 month guarantee against manufacturer defects in the canvas and build of our tents/tarps. This  guarantee covers the canvas and does not extend to the poles, zips, mesh or groundsheets as these parts are commonly mistreated. All our canvas products use top quality zips. Our guarantee covers manufacturing defects only under ‘normal usage conditions’, and does not cover parts that have been mistreated. Please note that if a canvas tent is subject to incorrect tensioning and/or undue pressure this can cause damage to the tent structure.

Pukka tents/tarps are designed for recreational/leisure use. They are built for use in mainly moderate weather conditions, for example, poor (wet and windy) weather conditions – they are not intended for long-term erection, or for use in extreme or mountain conditions. Pukka tents/tarps are not intended as structures for permanent living. We consider that if a tent is erected continually for 28 days then the tent is being used for permanent living. It is no longer being used as a temporary structure (recreational/leisure use – a camping tent) and will not be covered by our guarantee.

Professional/long-term use: If a tent is used by a professional or long-term user, we will cover it under our guarantee for manufacturing defects for the first 28 days, but after that point it qualifies as being used for permanent living and not for the purpose for which it was sold (recreational/leisure use – a camping tent) and it will not be covered by our guarantee.

Our tents/tarps are treated for resistance to water and mould, as well as the effects of UV. Our tents/tarps are treated to be mould resistant – they are not mould proof as this is not possible. Our tents/tarps will need re-proofing regularly – the appearance of mould/mildew on a Pukka tent/tarp is not covered by our guarantee.

Our guarantee covers all authentically branded Pukka products (purchased via the Pukka Tents website www.pukkatents.co.uk or purchased and collected from us directly). The Pukka Tents guarantee is not transferable and is only applicable to products delivered within the UK. Non-Pukka branded items sold by us are covered by the individual manufacturer guarantees.

In addition to providing an excellent quality product we at Pukka Tents are fully committed to providing an excellent quality of service. Please notify us immediately of any problems/defects, with a clear explanation of what the problem is, together with a photograph, and we will resolve the issue with minimal fuss and as fast as possible. We may ask you to return any defective goods in a clean and presentable manner, in the original packaging if possible. We reserve the right to check all parts in question. If a product/part product is found to be defective we will refund the original cost of the product or replace the product/part product, whichever is preferable to you (subject to stock availability).

Natural inconsistencies and issues such as colour variances, fading due to weather exposure and ‘thickenings’ in the weave are to be expected with a natural cotton canvas, and they do not affect the proper usage of a tent/tarp.

Damages arising from Force Majeure, incorrect usage (for example insufficient anchoring of the tent/tarp, contact with stones, branches, etc.) and ‘permanent’ erection are excluded from our guarantee, as are all shipping costs (unless stated otherwise).

Your legal and statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by our guarantee.