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Outdoors is vital for kids
Access to nature is vitally important for children… Let's get our kids outdoors!!
Any of you who, like us, love to spend time outdoors, and/or who grew up spending loads of time outside surrounded by nature with all its glory and raw beauty – will know that this is true! Let’s all encourage people to get the kids away from the iPads and videos - and outside with the REAL grass, trees, birdsong and a bit of mud! Yes, that dirty stuff called mud!!!
“…Regular contact with nature is important for personal development. Natural environments provide opportunities for social interaction and facilitate relationships which can help to reduce confrontation and increase mutual cooperation between children. Access to nature can also help children to push boundaries and take risks, developing self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline; alongside the ability to risk manage. Self-discovery can also be facilitated through contact with nature. Children can learn about themselves, developing increased self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.
Playing in nature and being able to visit natural spaces can also generate independence, helping children to think and learn for themselves. Nature facilitates more creative and imaginative play and creates a capacity for learning. Contact with natural environments increases children’s concentration and attention levels and enhances cognitive function, factors which are likely to play an important role in learning and academic achievement…”
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