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Why choose a bell tent?
Bell tents are roomy with good headroom, they’re non-stuffy, do not suffer from condensation and they’re easy to erect and take down. This makes for a tent that’s good for such a huge range of uses. It makes an incredible chill-space for your garden – indeed the 5m bell is rather like being in an outdoor living room! 
It’s great for your kids’ sleepovers. Unsurprisingly it’s also great for those camping trips! Non-belltenters are frequently staggered at how rapidly the bell tents go up. They can be still fiddling with poles and ropes whilst the bell tents are decorated, furnished and hosting a full-on drinks party! 
Re-enactments, weddings, parties… in short the bell tent has an almost endless number of uses because it’s just so  – uncomplicated!

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