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Camping/glamping with bell tents
The benefit of camping/glamping with bell tents is that they are single-pole tents and they are incredibly simple to erect and take down. A lot of belltenters have got their tents erected and all of their interior furnishings and kitchen tents installed and set up a long time before the polyester brigade have even got their tent guy lines straight! 
Glamping is a way of going somewhere very different to the usual every-day weekly environment, whilst at the same time being in the outdoors and, most importantly, it is being comfortable and enjoying the whole experience.
Glampers can (apparently) become addicted to this way of life! It starts off with the tent. Then the tent needs some basic, though lightweight and portable supplies, decorations and/or furnishings. This may mean lighting, indoor rugs, beds/mattresses, sheepskins, ornaments. It will probably mean some low tables, possibly retro-style storage, outdoor entrance mats, awnings and/or flooring. Comfy inflatable or collapsible chairs, sofas and cushions and throws are definitely a necessity.
Enjoy camping in your bell tent!

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