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Need a 4m or a 5m bell tent?
Most bell tent sellers are online businesses and do not have permanent showrooms. Even if they do the opening times are probably limited and they will most likely not be that close to you.
We understand that it can be difficult to commit to purchasing a £500 or £600 tent without actually seeing it in the flesh first - so we do erect tents for display purposes in late Spring and throughout the Summer - though sometimes we will take them down for a few weeks to either rest the tents or mow the grass! (We erect them in a field!) What’s more you can bet your boots that it will be during that ‘down’ period that people will call up asking if they can travel over to have a look!!
Anyhow, in order to help people a little we do have a few videos on our You-Tube page, where we try to show the quality of our general bell tent build and canvas, as well as the usable space inside both a Pukka 4m and a 5m bell tent.
Basically a 4 metre bell tent is a comfortable camping space for a couple or two people using a double mattress or two singles. Alternatively, at maximum capacity, a 4m will accommodate two double mattresses or four singles. With four people therefore, a 4m will be fine for using for ‘sleep-only’ purposes unless you’re prepared to stack up a few of the mattresses during the day to free-up a bit of living space. A 4m bell is 250cm in the middle so there is standing room.
A 5 metre bell tent will easily accommodate two double mattresses in just one half of the tent - leaving you with plenty of living space. Obviously you could fit more mattresses in if you needed to - and there will still be plenty of room for the dog. A 5m bell is 300cm in the middle, which when combined with the additional 1m width gives you a lot more headroom than a 4m.
Take a look at our videos they may help…
...and the pic (above right) is shot from the back of a 5m tent - and shows available living space at the front of the tent. There is a double mattress behind the pole.
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