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Top exit or rear exit flue?
Most of us know by now that it is possible to have a wood burning stove installed in a canvas tent. What a lot of people are usually unsure about is whether to buy a stove with a top exiting flue or whether to plump for a rear exiting flue.
A top exiting flue will be most likely to end up dripping tar onto your tent roof, whereas a rear exiting flue/chimney will be that much further away from the tent roof, making the possibility much, much less likely.
Some people also argue that it is more efficient to have the flue exiting straight up out of the top of the stove and therefore through the roof. We checked this with our stove maker and in his opinion the short 0.5 metre flue part that is used in a rear exit flue kit before it starts to ‘go vertical’, is not enough to cause a problem with efficiency.
Pukka bell tents are sold with a ready-installed flue exit in the side wall. It took us a long time to decide where to put it too - we knew that we wanted to provide the ready-made facility (because we also know that it is a nerve-wracking thing to take a knife or a pair of scissors and cut a hole in your tent!) - but to decide where to put it?
Well, the roof option was a bit of a no-brainer for us really because it was just so difficult to justify cutting a hole in the roof - and then to have the problem of the flashing kit and open hole just sitting there, screaming to be weather-proofed/closed up when the stove was not being used…
So we decided upon the rear exit option through a side wall of our bell tents. But then, which wall panel to put it in? The first wall panel next to one of the door flaps just seemed too close for siting a hot stove - what with all of the comings and goings through the entrance. And so we decided to re-position one of the four windows to that first wall panel position next to the entrance. We then positioned the flue exit in the centre of the second panel (going backwards from the entrance) where the window used to be. This gives enough room for the doorway to be used freely whilst also keeping the stove within the forward part of the tent, allowing space for beds etc in the back part.
One person did once comment that they thought we had ruined the symmetry of the tent by relocating one of the windows to a more forward position (and not then mirroring it on the other side). But we think that safety and convenience is probably worth it! And we like our windows and flue exit where they are!
We don’t offer a hugely confusing range – we just sell the best and the most popular. We always have great ‘bundle’ deals available too.
See videos of Pukka 4m/5m bell tent interiors and window details here:
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