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A few basic canvas facts
We have carefully developed our tents in order to provide a top quality, high spec product.
This includes our canvas which is a 360gsm 100 per cent cotton, camel coloured fabric. It is a natural product which is manually processed through the dyeing and proofing processes.
It’s therefore not unusual to notice variations in the shade of the individual canvas panels as not every roll of canvas will be identical. Colour variations may be more noticeable from the inside of your tent than from the outside. 
You may also notice from time to time ‘irregularities’ or ‘thickenings’ in the weave of the canvas (where the weave may look a little thicker and less uniform than the rest of the canvas). These may also be more noticeable from the inside of your tent than from the outside. 
Our canvas is treated for resistance to water, UV and mould. It is usual for our tents to not require ‘weathering’ (being totally soaked by water) prior to first use. However occasionally there may be areas of your canvas tent which may initially let a small amount of water through. It is usual for these areas to become totally water resistant after your tent has been wetted and totally dried once or twice (‘weathered’). 
None of the above (colour variations, thickenings in the weave or initial water ingress) should be considered as ‘defects’ and should not affect the performance of your tent or awning.
We don’t offer a hugely confusing range of tents – we just sell the best and the most popular. We always have great ‘bundle’ deals available too.
See videos of Pukka 4m/5m bell tent interiors and window details here:
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