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Safety Flue Kit - Rear Exit
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Safety Flue Kit - Rear Exit

Stainless steel flue kit, fully compliant with 2012 safety requirements. This kit comes with a 12.5cm (5inch) cooler sleeve which wraps around the flue, providing insulation and preventing the hot flue from touching any canvas. Easily fitted/removed flashing, using just 4 wing nuts. Easy to set up, push-fit chimney/flue sections, complete with witches hat and integrated spark arrester, which when combined with the stove baffler ensure that no sparks reach the canvas. Designed for use with the Pukka Stove (rear exit). Totally compatible with the Pukka Flue Exit.

in the box
• 1 0.5m flue section
• 1 elbow flue section
• 2 coupling bands
• 1 flue support
• 1 1m flue section
• 1 cowl
• 4 peg
• 1 cord
• 1 heat guard/back plate
• 1 flashing (to be cut to fit)
• 2 clamping plates
• 7 wing nuts
• 1 flue kit bag


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